Project Africa

Over the years our team has made trips to West Africa to provide overall community support through the platforms of education, health and community development.  The efforts have included medical care and health awareness programs, construction of clean water systems, the building of a schoolhouse, and guidance for agricultural development. Youth have been specifically supported through empowering sports and educational programs that promote social and emotional learning. 


Education and youth empowerment through sports benefits the community, specifically girls, who experience increased likelihood of graduation, decreased rates of unintended pregnancies and the development of leadership skills. Access to health services allow community members to focus on development goals and to acquire training on how to impact their own community.


The Total Health Village served over 1000 community members and directly affected over 700 youth. Students were tracked for attendance, grade level completion, the ability to state career goals and steps to attain them, and the acquisition of new skills from games and activities. Success was also tracked in provision of sports and educational materials, the number of children eligible for scholarships, and the number of lunches provided at school.
The iF Charities Schoolhouse established in 2014 will educate 1000 children over the next 20 years. Free the Children will provide tracking on health, community development and education.