iF Code


iF Code is the newest addition to the successful, skill-building programs offered by iF Charities. iF Code is a free program created and designed to give at-risk youth an introduction into the world of technology.  

Through the program, students gain insight and an education of marketable skills for the rapidly growing technology industry that is on track to have 1.4 million new jobs by 2020.  After completing introductory classes in coding, software and hardware development, web development and more, students who have the aspiration and aptitude can move on to receive more in-depth training. Ultimately, these sought-after skills will provide strong opportunities for future success as well as build better communities as a whole. 

iF Charities is focused on loving and supporting tomorrow’s leaders by bringing the community together to transform lives through strategic non-profit, corporate, and individual partnerships. Together we can put our youth on the path to success, creating a new pipeline of future entrepreneurs who are ready to add value and diversity to the industry.