Sponsor Spotlight: Sweetener Supply Corporation

Tom Speck responded on behalf of Sweetener Supply Corporation, a family owned business that has supported the Israel Idonije Foundation for many years. Mr. Speck graciously reflected on Sweetener Supply Co's decision to support IIF.

Tell us a little about Sweetener Supply Corporation:

Sweetener Supply Corporation is a family owned company based in Brookfield Illinois specializing in the manufacturing of sugars and sweeteners to the confection, dairy, beverage and food industries.

How did your company first hear about the Israel Idonije Foundation?

We first become aware of the foundation through my Sister-in-Law Kelley Speck who has worked with Israel Idonije for a number of years on various business and non for profit endeavors.

There are a lot of great causes to support, why did you choose IIF?

IIF truly understands our community's needs and social challenges. They know how to make a difference in a child, a family and a neighborhood. The programs within the Israel Idonije Foundation bring children to the forefront, giving them a chance to realize their goals. IIF is building for the future.

How have you seen your donation make an impact?

We have seen firsthand how the program positively impacts the lives of children most notably through the Shop with a Cop program. I am proud to say that my entire family has been able to be a part of various programs and volunteered at the Shop with a Cop program where we all saw first hand the positive interaction with residents and cops within a community.

What would you say to others to encourage them to support the Israel Idonije Foundation?

I would encourage them to spend just 5 minutes of their time talking with Israel to understand his commitment and passion is 100% genuine. His passion and commitment to the foundation will be seen for years to come.

As a business, why is supporting nonprofits important?

We have been fortunate enough in our success as a company and we are honored to be able to give back to the communities in which we live and operate. We believe in the power of children and recognize that the potential for greatness lies within each and every child if they are just given an opportunity.