Project Africa: First Visit to Nyameyiekrom

This is a piece of a several part blog series documenting the work Team IIF is doing in partnership with Free the Children and Me to We in Ghana, Africa to build a schoolhouse and help instill social and emotional life skills.

First visit to Nyameyiekrom

Today Team IIF had our first visit to Nyameyiekrom. The first stop on the visit was the old schoolhouse in the community, made from bamboo. The team then received a warm welcome from the entire community including the introduction of community leadership, the chief, and all the school children. It was a day of high energy and excitement and the team was early to bed…tomorrow we start work on the schoolhouse!

Some words from Izzy: “Today we received a warm welcome from community. It was great seeing the old school and seeing their excitement for us and to share their vision for education and betterment of community. We all really enjoyed the welcome, which included plenty of singing and dancing. Tomorrow we are helping construct the school. Over all the years of Project Africa, this is one of the most exciting components, to help the community hand in hand and side by side.

Some words from Halleemah: “Today we got a glimpse of the landscape of Nyameyiekrom as well as its people and I’m really excited that we will have the opportunity to impact both this week. Entering the community and being greeted by dozens of hands of the youth was such a powerful experience. I’m really looking forward to tomorrow’s building and the water walk.