Project Africa: Final Day in Nyameyiekrom: Tour of Asemko, More School Building and a football match!

This is a piece of a several part blog series documenting the work Team IIF is doing in partnership with Free the Children and Me to We in Ghana, Africa to build a schoolhouse and help instill social and emotional life skills.

Final Day in Nyameyiekrom: Tour of Asemko, More School Building and a football match!

Today the Team began our activities with a tour of a neighboring community called Asemko. Just a few kilometers away from Nyameyiekrom, Asemko is nestled right on the sea and is a fishing village, with the majority of the men sailing out in small boats during the morning’s early hours to catch fish. In Asemko, Free the Children has already built schoolhouses as well as helped renovate a schoolhouse built by another NGO who failed to upkeep the building rendering it unusable for a few years.

Asemko is also in the process of building latrines for its students, part of IIF and Free the Children’s four year plan for Nyameyiekrom. After a quick lunch, Team IIF headed over the Nyameyiekrom for another session of school building, this time mixing cement to form bricks, filling in the mortar on the schoolhouse, and filling the soil around the school perimeter. After an exhausting build session, the team headed down to the community center to play a game of football, or what we Americans call soccer! It was certainly an intense match with the community youth bringing their best moves. After the game, the community bid farewell to Team IIF with promises of keeping in touch and seeing each other next year!

Some words from Izzy: “Being able to experience the lives of community members in Asemko was an incredible experience, especially to see how this fishing community differed from Nyameyiekrom. The community members were extremely welcoming and eager to show us their ways of capturing resources as we practiced throwing fishing nets with the men who do this for a living. The sights and the people of the village were beautiful. Afterwards, we got to work on solidifying the foundation of the school in Nyameyiekrom. With our team pick-axing and shoveling away, I said to everyone “Let’s do it! Let’s finish this!” And it was incredible, we got the entire base of the school completed. After much hard work, we went on to play a game of soccer with kids from the village. Despite how exhausted we were, it was a blast running around with the kids! Beautiful way to end the day.”

Some words from Marie: “Today was filled with many incredible experiences! It was very cool to visit Asemko and learn more about their community and what Nyameyiekrom will be closer to in a few years. You wouldn’t believe it but learning about latrines was very interesting! This afternoon our last session of school building was amazing! Seeing how far the school has come in a few short days as well as gaining a new found appreciation for construction was quite the experience. To perfectly end our day, we had a great soccer match. Those kids were talented! We had to try our hardest and it was fun for everyone seeing Izzy challenge the kids during the game. It was hard to leave Nyameyiekrom but it was a good feeling knowing we will be back next year.”