Project Africa: Arrival

This is a piece of a several part blog series documenting the work Team IIF is doing in partnership with Free the Children and Me to We in Ghana, Africa to build a schoolhouse and help instill social and emotional life skills.


Team IIF has arrived safely in Ghana! After over 24 hours of international travel, many hours of in country travel, and one long customs line, we have settled in to Takoradi, Ghana, the major city next to the community of Nyameyiekrom. The weather is hot but the team is eager to get to work visiting our schoolhouse and community.

Some words from Izzy: “We arrived here safely! It was a great trip! After settling in at our eco-lodge accommodations on the beach, we had a chance to connect with our Free the Children facilitators Mike and Robin, who will guide our days in the community. Ghana is beautiful and we can’t wait to get to work!”

Some words from Kristin: “We finally made it! The community of Nyameyiekrom and the sights of Ghana are more beautiful than words can say. So glad to finally be in Ghana, settled in, and now we can get to work on advancing the education system of the community. Looking forward to what we can accomplish in the next few days!”