IIF Student Spotlight: Egypt and Tariel

Egypt and Tariel are students in the IZZYz KIDz After School Program who offered the following words on their experience.

Tell us a little about yourself:

E- I think I'm a brave talented bold and intelligent person who is not afraid to chase my dreams.

T- I am a 16 year old that goes to Morgan Park High School. I am smart, athletic, and like to play basketball.

What has been your favorite outing in program and what did you learn?

E- My favorite outing in Izzy Kids was the women's basketball game (Chicago Sky) we attended. I learned about how to work as a team.

T- My favorite outing was to NikeTown. I learned different opportunities so I could work there. Also, I learned a lot of facts about Michael Jordan.

What are some goals you have for your future?

E- I have a goal to become a OBGYN and to be the best one I can.


1. Being a caddie this summer

2. Playing on an AAU basketball team

3. Going to college

Who was your favorite guest speaker? And why?

E- I'm not sure which speaker was my favorite, but I really enjoyed listening to Loni Swain (WGCI Radio Host) speak about her past.

T- My favorite speaker was the man that knew every math problem with 5 seconds (Mike Byster, Brainetics).

What is one thing you will accomplish in 2014?

E- I will like to graduate 8th grade and will like to get enrolled in the best high school I can. Maybe Gwendolyn Brooks another school where I can learn while having fun.

T-Getting my driver's license!

What is something you have learned about the IIF that mean something to you?

E- I learned that Mr. Idonije runs a nonprofit organization and does it out of the kindness of his heart and helps a lot of people in need.

T-I learned how to be more appreciative of everything that is given to me.