IIF Spotlight: Teresa Myers

Teresa Myers is a long-time supporter who donates her Public Relations and Communications services to the foundation. She currently runs marketing and communications for Realis Group.

Tell us a little about yourself:

My name is Teresa Myers. I grew up in the Chicago area, but currently reside in Atlanta. My background is in Communications and Public Relations. I have been leading media relations campaigns, communications plans and marketing projects for 20 plus years for non-profits, start-ups, corporations and small businesses. I have a great husband and two fantastic children. I enjoy helping out where there is a need and have tried to instill the importance of service to my two children.

How did you first hear of the Foundation?

I first learned about IIF and its mission in August 2012. I was honored to share the Foundation's efforts through local and national media.

What has been your favorite event with the Foundation?

Any event in which the children take part is my favorite. It is the best feeling to see the light in their eyes as they interact with Israel and others who truly care about them and their future.

What would you say to others who are thinking of getting involved with IIF?

I would say "Do it!" It's so rewarding to be involved with a foundation that makes a real difference in the lives of others. There are so many ways to help IIF: Volunteering your time at events; sharing your talents -- are you a graphic designer, photographer, caterer, etc; and/or giving monetary donations to support the programs. If you know of place that would provide an enriching field trip experience, IIF is always looking for opportunities for youth in its after-school program. If your business is open to having an intern for a few weeks in the summer, IIF is providing hands-on experiences for youth who have excelled in its programs to have real-life experiences in various fields of interest. Even just following IIF on social media and sharing its news with your friends is a great way to help spread the word.

How have you seen the Foundation grow throughout the years you have been involved?

A few new programs have been added and there is an additional layer of depth to what was already being offered. I look forward to seeing where The Israel Idonije Foundation is in ten years.