IIF Spotlight: IZZYz KIDZ Goal Setting

The following quotes are pulled from journal entries submitted as part of the IZZYz KIDz After School Program. Learn More

During our focus on Goal Setting we asked our youth to cast a vision for three goals they could reach for over time. The time frame included what they could achieve in 3 month, 1 year, and 5 years.

Kaelyn C.

What I'd like to achieve in 3 months is to have at least 5 letters from high schools that have a good graduation rate.

What I'd like to achieve in 1 year is to be at the high school of my choice doing great as a Freshman.

What I'd like to achieve in 5 years is to be packing up in order to go to Spellman College studying Black History and what I need to become a pediatric nurse.

Jeremiah C.

In three months I plan to make honor roll by report card pickup.

In one year I plan to be improve enough to join the varsity basketball team.

In five years I see myself in a recording studio making hits for the radio. I hope to achieve my goal of rapping in sports , but if I'm not pursuing these goals I will be in college taking class on business management. I hope to own multiple businesses and make millions.

Kimani F.

In three months I plan to have been on the honor roll which I'm really striving for during my first year of high school. I try my hardest to bring up my grades and I will not give up, which is already a success. Sadly I don't know where my grade right now, but I will push no matter the circumstance.

In one year I want to have a great relationship with my teachers. I heard in high school if you have a great relationship with your teachers if you ask they may be willing to write you a letter of recommendation to a college or even a different high school you want to go to. In order to do that I have to complete all my assignments, ask questions and participate in all school or class activities.

In five years I'm going to be out of high school and on my way to a college or university starting with online classes. But before that I most want to fulfill my biggest goal, which is to become a gospel singer. I'm going to pray and work my way up just like I do through school, but if anything this must be done.