IIF Partner Spotlight: Molise PR

Molise PR is a major supporter of IIF. Through their extensive list of clients and amazing team, Molise PR has partnered with IIF for several events including Shop with a Cop and the All Star Camps. For more information, visit ww.MolisePR.com

Tell us a bit about yourself:

Molise PR is a public relations, social media and marketing communications firm in Chicago. We specialize in merging traditional with digital and emerging platforms.

We represent clients such as fellow IIF partners Gino's East and Real Urban Barbecue; plus Garrett Popcorn Shops, Gene & Georgetti, AKIRA, Factor 75, Devon Seafood, the Shops of Long Grove, the Driehaus Museum, Michelle Durpetti Events and many more. We've had our fair share of glamorous moments, like working with plenty of celebs, and red carpet grand opening projects like Perillo Rolls Royce and Maserati Chicago.

We also proudly support other non-profits and charitable initiatives like Imerman Angels, Step Up Women's Network, the Chicago Auto Show First Look for Charity gala, Dancing with Chicago Celebrities and Healthy Schools Campaign.

How did you first learn of IIF?

We first met Israel Idonije a couple years ago when we worked together on a business story in Men's Book magazine. The feature touched on his passion and laser focus on the mission to support at-risk youth in Chicago and beyond. It was then we realized this organization was genuinely impacting individual lives and benefiting the community at large, and we wanted to be a part of it.

What has been your favorite event/project with the Foundation?

We love Shop with a Cop, when we work with Gino's East to feed pizzas to the kids and cops just prior to the holidays.

The All Star Football Camp is a blast in the summer. We get a kick out of watching all the kids learn and apply themselves while still being free to simply act like kids. Witnessing grown ups like Israel also act like kids on the field is equally entertaining.

One of our cherished memories is distributing turkeys and trimmings to families for Thanksgiving in partnership with Chicago Housing Authority.

Why is supporting at risk youth so important?

The NY Times printed an article in 2013 about studies showing that communities like Chatham are so successful, even in a recession, because they have a "strong collective identity" and "high social cohesion." Neighbors there ranked the behavior and upbringing of children as their first priority. With budget cuts in the school system, and ever changing economic conditions, individuals and businesses must pitch in and contribute to their own neighborhoods, with the entire city serving as our own backyard.

We've been blessed to spend quality time with at-risk youth and we've learned firsthand how bright, ambitious and talented they are. When provided with the right resources and guidance, they are on track to become the next community leaders. The circle of benevolence for generations to come starts right here with our actions, right this very minute.

What would you say to others who are thinking of getting involved with IIF?

RIGHT NOW, do it people! It's an amazing team.