IIF Partner Spotlight: Fame Production Group

Fame Production Group is IIF's 2014 Media Partner and we can't get enough of their amazing work! CEO Kristin Williams took the time to offer this reflection on the upcoming year. Find out more about FAME at: http://www.fame-production.com/

Tell us a bit about FAME Production Group:

FPG is a full service digital marketing agency. We manage brands and execute our clients’ digital strategiesthrough our suite of in­house services. Our key service areas include: web, creative, production, advertising and experiential.

How did you first learn of IIF?

I learned about IIF from my fellow Howard Bison, Halleemah Nash (CEO of IIF). She shared with me heroverall vision and branding goals for IIF. I jumped on the opportunity to support her and the rest is history! Halleemah’s expertise combined with the amazing philanthropic work at IIF is positioning the foundation as the new gold standard in the nonprofit world.

What has been one of your favorite projects with the Foundation?

I love when FPG is able to utilize our full breadth of services with our clients. It is an effective and beneficial way to brand effectively. We know our clients’ brands front and backwards and understand our their preferences and needs. For IIF, there was not one single project that was my favorite but over time, our ability to have the creative freedom to deliver visuals from billboards to online advertisements to print advertisements and online videos has allowed us to push the envelope and execute a comprehensive digital strategy.

What has been the most interesting thing you have learned about the Foundation since the partnership began

I was unaware of IIF’s dynamic program, Project Africa until I learned about it extensively in FPG’s preparation for the trip. Israel’s participation in years past and the work he leads today for African communities is truly amazing. We are grateful to be able to capture such an impactful experience.

Why is supporting at risk youth so important?

Whom much is given, much is required. I am a firm believer of paying it forward, and when given opportunities, I feel it is our duty to give it right back. Whether that be through our time, financial contributions or providing opportunities for those in need, it is necessary and required. IIF does this 10 fold and the opportunity to support its mission is worth it.

What are you most looking forward to in 2014.

I am looking forward to a year of quality experiences, providing and receiving quality opportunities and continuing and forging quality relationships. My theme for this year is “quality”.