Board Member Spotlight: Liz Pham

Liz Pham is a member of the IIF Board of Directors and a valuable member of Team IIF! You can read more about her in her bio under "Our Team".

Tell us a little bit about yourself:

I was born in Vietnam, our family immigrated to Canada when I was 3 years old, I have lived in Winnipeg most of my life. I am the Director of Operations for Priority Restoration, a mid-size privately owned company, specializing in insurance related restoration services for both commercial and residential customer in emergency and non-emergency disaster recovery response situations. We help people get their lives back when the unexpected happens.

How did you first hear about the Israel Idonije Foundation?

I have been friends with the Idonije Family for a long time, and when Izzy was interested in bringing some of the programming to Canada, I was wanted to be part of his vision to help improve communities here. We were still running the Foundation out of Izzy’s garage when we held our first All-Star Football camp in Winnipeg!

As a member of the Board of Directors, how do you support the foundation?

I support the foundation by bringing awareness of our organization and the programs we support, along with our mission. Locally here, I help Project Manage our Annual All-Star Football Camp, we have incredible volunteers that support the camp year after year, that it runs on its own, we are lucky!

Why did you choose to become a part of Team IIF?

I chose to become a part of Team IIF because I believe in the mission. Throughout the years I have enjoyed meeting all the individuals we have impacted, and it has been invaluable.

What would you say to others to encourage them to support the Israel Idonije Foundation?

Come out to some of our events, hear the stories, meet those we have impacted, volunteer your time with us, you will see how much this will change your life as much as it does for those we support

What is your favorite part of being a Board Member?

The amazing team we have, including all of our volunteers. I feel privilege to work with these talented people.