Blog Spotlight: Judge White

Judge White is a member of the IZZYz KIDz After School Program who was selected to participate in the Youth Leaders Summer Internship where students are exposed to career softskills like personal branding, networking, elevator pitches and administrative support, as well as participating in job shadowing in a field of their interest. Judge spent 7 weeks this summer with EFT Performance and supporting IIF.

Tell us a little bit about yourself :

My name is Judge White Jr. I am from the south side of Chicago. I am 13 years going into 8th grade at Jonh H. Vanderpoel . My interest is playing basketball. I am a participant in the IZZYz KIDz After School Program and was selected to be part of the IIF Youth Leaders Summer Internship this summer.

Tell us a little bit about the program you are involved in:

The Youth Leaders Summer Internship program that I am involved in is wonderful. The Israel Idonije Foundation has given me an opportunity to do what I want in life by letting me do lots of things such as training with professional athletes. My job shadowing working with EFT Sports Performance professionals was my favorite thing of all.

What was something you learned from your summer reading?

As part of program, the youth leaders read the book, How Long Must I Cry, a collection of interviews on violence in communities in Chicago.

I learned that everyone needs to stick together. We need to start a new movement so that the violence will not happen again.

What is one of the most valuable things you learned this summer?

The most valuable thing I have learned this summer is to do your best and to better myself to do great things for the rest of my life. I also learned about networking and that gives you more opportunity.